Dryer Combustion Equipment

  • Vertical Briquette Dryer

    Vertical Briquette Dryer

    Technical features:
    The adjustable basket form has an uniform discharge with easy installation and maintenance.
    The whole furnace is designed as a trapezoidal shape, which is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. So that the material will not stuck inside.
    The position of hot air inlet is designed at the lower middle, the pre-drying distance is long with a good dehydration effect.
    The upper part of the furnace is closed and the dust removal is done inside. Low wind speed carries out less dust, in the mean time, it is easier to observe the stock bin temperature, feeding and combustion condition.
    It uses infrared camera for monitoring and automatic alarm device for temperature control.
    The heat source of drying adopts boiler flue gas and automatic heating system with automatic coal feeding and slag removal. The design of double vertical air duct avoids the influence of kiln length and resistance on uniform air distribution.

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  • Net Belt Dryer

    Net Belt Dryer

    The HGW net belt dryer is mainly used for drying ball briquettes, but also for drying lumpy materials, such as cold solid pellets, coal briquette, coke and so on.

    The net belt dryer is a drying equipment based on the principle of two-way or one-way conveying. The ball briquette with certain moisture is feeded into the upper grid plate of the dryer through the hopper. The feeding hopper functions as buffering and feeding. The material is convyed smoothly through the grid plate to the head of the dryer, and then flows into the lower layer by the plate-turning mechanism, and then returns to the tail of the dryer.

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