Luoyang Kaizheng Environmental Protection Processing Equipment Co., Ltd is a collection of product research and development, manufacturing, independent trade high-tech enterprises. We have been focusing on developing integrated solutions for raw material preparation, ingredients, solid waste, residual materials and recycled materials to help customers more efficiently process various materials and convert them into value. Innovation of mixing machine, high pressure briquetting machine, grinding with roller press and other equipment in solving all kinds of industrial materials. Processing equipment with high viscosity in solvent recovery, evaporation, and other industries have unique applications. Compaction granulating device in all kinds of the comprehensive utilization of solid waste and other process is also significant.

Luoyang Kaizheng Environmental Protection Processing Equipment Co., Ltd manufacturing base is located in Luoxin Industry zone,Luoyang City Henan Province China.It covers an area of 13,500 square meters. The company is located in Luoyang National University Science Park, it is a collection of product research and development, manufacturing, independent trade high-tech enterprises.

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  • Developing Iron Ore Pellets Using Novel Binders for H2-Based Direct Reduction (1)

    The transformation from traditional iron- and steelmaking technologies to green H2-based new technologies will require an improvement in the quality and purity of iron ore burden materials. Iron ore pellets are essential inputs for producing direct reduced iron (DRI), but the conventional binders, used in iron ore pelletizing, introduce gangue oxides to the DRI and consequently increase the slag generation and energy consumption in the steelmaking unit. Partial and/or full replacement of the traditional binders with novel organic binders would significantly contribute to improving the process efficiency, particularly in the next-generation H2-based direct reduction technology. This study illustrates the feasibility of pelletizing magnetite iron ore concentrate using four organic binders: KemPel, Alcotac CS, Alcotac FE16, and CMC, in comparison to bentonite as a reference.

  • Experimental Research Regarding the Effect of Mineral Aggregates on the Wear of Mixing Blades of Concrete Mixers (2)

    The tests were carried out on an experimental stand designed and built by the authors of this paper. The stand reproduces on a scale of 1:2 a drum made up of a double-axis horizontal mixer. The stand had the possibility to change the value of the attack angle of the mixing blades, corresponding to the following values: 30, 45, and 60 degrees. The results of the tests established the dependence between the type of material and the wear rate of the blades as well as the influence exerted by the angle of attack on the wear of the mixing blades. It was shown that when the inclination angle of the blade relative to the shaft axis increases, the cumulative mass loss decreases, with values between 43% and 55.83%, as a function of the quality of blade material.

  • White Dew

    White Dew, is the 15th solar term in the "Twenty-Four Solar Terms" and the third solar term in autumn. When it comes to White Dew, the summer monsoon is gradually replaced by the winter monsoon. In addition, the point of direct sunlight moves southward, the sunshine time in the northern hemisphere becomes shorter, the light intensity weakens, and the ground radiates heat faster, so the temperature drop speed gradually accelerates, and the temperature difference between day and night gradually widened. White Dew has basically ended the sweltering heat of the summer, the weather is gradually getting cooler, and autumn is beginning to enter in various places.