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  • Physical and Chemical Properties of Direct Reduced Iron

    Direct reduced iron has a relatively stable composition, low content of harmful impurities and relatively uniform particle size. As a high-quality raw material in modern metallurgy, direct reduced iron plays a vital role in metallurgy. In recent years, the application of direct reduced iron in the smelting of high-quality steel in electric furnaces, blast furnaces and other smelting furnaces is relatively common, which can effectively improve the production efficiency and reduce the coke ratio, and has positive significance for improving the overall efficiency of modern metallurgy. In addition, direct reduced iron can also be used in LD converter coolant and flat furnace effective metal raw materials, can also play a positive role.

  • Charging of Direct Reduced Iron in Electric Arc Furnaces

    Directly reduced iron added to the electric arc furnace proportion varies, if the proportion of direct reduction of iron is less than 30%, can be used cans of material loading. The bottom of the basket is filled with light scrap, followed by heavy scrap and direct-reduced iron, to avoid too much lumping of direct-reduced iron. However, when the arc heats the thicker layers of direct reduced iron, the molten metal fills the spaces between the direct reduced iron and condenses, causing the charge to sinter into a single piece, making it difficult to add the charge as a whole to the molten pool and extending the melting cycle. When more than 30% of the charge is added in batches, due to the slow heat transfer of the direct-reduced iron, the relevant technical indicators are poor, and should be fed into the furnace by means of continuous charging.

  • 4 Direct Reduced Iron Production Technologies

    Under the background of the rapid development of the world's iron and steel technology, the pace of innovative technology methods is also accelerating, as a kind of efficient blast furnace steelmaking technology, direct reduction iron technology effectively improves the quality of iron and steel products. The article proposes four direct reduction iron production technologies.