twin-shaft mixer

  • Twin-shaft Mixer

    Twin-shaft Mixer

    MTS twin-shaft continuous mixer adopts the screw blades to make the material move forward alternately within the machine, which has the characteristics of strong mixing ability and continuous and even feeding. It is suitable for mixing and humidifying loose materials, such as coal humidification, and it can also be used as a pretreatment equipment for fine mixing. Technical features: Its continuity makes mixing in order. The special designed shape of blades make it a efficient mixing. The blade arrangement angle along the axis is different, which is more conducive to the improvement of mixing accuracy. The gentle mixing process does not break the material's initial status. Blades are made with high abrasive resistance material, like hardfacing wear-resisting electrode, thermal spraying cermet and ceramic blade are available. The transmission system uses twin-shaft reducer which is powered directly through universal joints, to achieve a pure torque input power. When used for humidification, the special atomizing nozzle and liquid feeding system with adjustable flow rate can ensure uniform humidification of materials.

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