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  • Pin Mixer Granulator

    Pin Mixer Granulator

    Pin mixer is used for micro mixing and granulation with suitable materials. Mixing and granulation are done in the same unit. Powder and liquid materials are converted into small pellets by means of high-speed rotors and pin shafts. According to different process, the liquid can be water,binder, oil or surfactant. Whereas, the powder can be ceramsite sand, carbon black, cement kiln dust, pigments, coal dust, pesticides, arc furnace dust collection ash, limestone powder, graphite, coke, petroleum coke powder and silica fume, bauxite, etc. According to user's requirements and operating conditions, this series of equipment has a variety of configurations. Model MP--is the continuous operation mixing granulator, and model MPJ- is the intermittent operation mixing granulator. Compared with the continuous mixing granulator, the product qualification rate of intermittent operation equipment is higher, reaching more than 70%, but the single-machine processing capacity is lower.

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