White Dew


White Dew, is the 15th solar term in the "Twenty-Four Solar Terms" and the third solar term in autumn. When it comes to White Dew, the summer monsoon is gradually replaced by the winter monsoon. In addition, the point of direct sunlight moves southward, the sunshine time in the northern hemisphere becomes shorter, the light intensity weakens, and the ground radiates heat faster, so the temperature drop speed gradually accelerates, and the temperature difference between day and night gradually widened. White Dew has basically ended the sweltering heat of the summer, the weather is gradually getting cooler, and autumn is beginning to enter in various places.

White Dew

Historical Origins
The twenty-four solar terms represent natural rhythmic changes in the calendar. There are four seasons in a year, three months each in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and two solar terms per month, and each solar term has its own unique meaning. White Dew is the fifteenth solar term in the twenty-four solar terms, and it is an important festival reflecting the temperature changes in temperature in nature. When the remaining heat of summer gradually dissipates, the cold air in the world rising diffusion, the night becomes cooler, and the temperature difference between day and night widens so large that the dew condenses, which is one of the reasons for the name "White Dew".

White Dew

Astronomical Calendar
The time point is from September 7th to 9th in the Gregorian calendar every year, when the sun reaches 165 degrees of the yellow longitude.

Phenological Phenomenon
At the time of White Dew, migratory birds such as geese and swallows start to fly south to avoid the cold, and all kinds of birds start to store food for the winter.

White Dew

Agricultural Activities
The white dew season is a busy time in all parts of China. In Northeast, millet, sorghum, soybeans, and cotton have begun to be harvested. In North, various autumn crops have matured and are beginning to be harvested. In the Northwest, planting of winter wheat has begun. In the Southwest, rice and millet have to be harvested. Late autumn crops such as corn and sweet potatoes must be managed in the field to promote early maturity and avoid damage caused by low temperature and frost. In central China, hurry up to harvest rice and corn, and pick cotton in batches.

White Dew    White Dew

(Resource: Baidu Encyclopedia)

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